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MIKE G. is one of the best and more active Greek metal guitarists, playing with bands like Nightfall, Snowblind, Blind Justice and releasing also solo albums!

“The Greek 80s Metal Legacy” is exactly what the title says: Mike, as member, and a big fan also of Greek 80s metal, pays tribute to these glory days, covering some of the best tracks, from the best bands of the most important metal decade.

Mike plays also all instruments to all songs and sings to most of them, and he has additional on his side many well-known musicians, who made guest appearances on the album, like:

George Aspiotis (Spitfire, King Dragon), Panos Hatziioannides (Spitfire), Yiannis Manopoulos (Thelemite), Kostas Manopoulos (Vice Human), Kostas Kyriakopoulos (Nightfall, Nocta), Angelo Rigopoulos (Versus), Tassos Krokodilos (Spitfire, Blind Justice), Dyan Mair (Cyanide 4) and more!

Including cover versions of tracks from bands like: Vice Human, Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery, Spitfire, Northwind, Douglas, Landscape, Vavel, Vaal, Flames, Crush and Rust!


Second solo full length-album of Mike G.!

Mike G. is co-founder and guitarist of Nightfall, founder/guitarist/singer of Snowblind and Blind Justice!

The album is a tribute to Greek metal of the 80s, featuring amazing performances of Mike G., including guest appearances from many musicians of the Greek scene.

Superb artwork by Greek fine artist Angel Priest.

For fans of the Greek metal scene!




1 Can You Feel In The Night (Vice Human)
2 Mystery (Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery) feat. backing vocals by Angelo Rigopoulos
3 Street Fighter (Spitfire), feat. guest vocals by Panagiotis Sakelliou and intro keyoboards by George Aspiotis
4 No No Yeah Yeah (Northwind), feat. guitar solo by Panos Hatziioannides
5 I Am Free Now (Douglas), feat. lead vocals by Yiannis Manopoulos, 1st guitar solo by Kostas Kyriakopoulos
6 Replica (Landscape) feat. lead vocals by Angelo Rigopoulos
7 Follow Your Mind (Vavel) feat. lead vocals by Tassos Krokodilos
8 Necrology (Vaal)
9 False Alarm (Flames)
10 Run To The Highway (Crush)
11 Time (Rust) feat. lead vocals by Dyan Mair, 1st guitar solo by Angel Priest
12 We Are The Future (Vice Human) feat. guitar solo by Kostas Manopoulos


Mike G.: guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals.

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